Detail of Frequency Band

Band 455 – 456 MHz

Notes to whole band 5.209, 5.286A
Part of RSUP RSUP-P/15
Service Mobile
Category of assignment Primary
Non-civil utilisation Not used
Civil utilisation Primary
Note 5.286AA
Application Land mobile
Section 455.74 – 457.38 MHz
Authorisation VO-R/1
Additional information Max. e.r.p. 10 W, channel raster 20 kHz, duplex 10 MHz to 465.74-467.38 MHz, terminals transmission.
Application Digital cellular
Section 451.3 – 455.74 MHz
Authorisation VO-R/1
Additional information Countrywide networks for public service of electronic communication. Broadband digital technology in accordance with 5.286AA. The number of rights limited to one. Guard bands of min 200 kHz width on both sides of the band, not used by the broadband systems. Radio channels wider than 1 MHz. Duplex 10 MHz to 461.3-465.74 MHz. Terminals transmission.
Application Satellite systems (civil)
Additional information The use of the band by the Satellite-mobile Service is in accordance with 5.209 limited to non-geostationary satellite systems and is in accordance with 5.220, 5.264 and 5.286A subject to coordination according to 9.11A.
Application GPR/WPR
Section 230 – 1,000 MHz
Authorisation VO-R/10 Art. 6
Additional information Ultra-wideband radars for screening of the structute of walls and earth´s surface (GPR/WPR). Maximum spectral density -65 dBm/MHz, max. peak e.r.p. is -44.5 dBm/120 kHz.