Detail of Frequency Band

Band 33 – 33.4 GHz

Notes to whole band 5.547
Part of RSUP RSUP-P/11
Service Fixed
Category of assignment Primary
Non-civil utilisation Not used
Civil utilisation Primary
Note 5.547A
Application Point-to-Point
Section 31.8 – 33.4 GHz
Harmonisations ITU-R Rec. F.1571, CEPT/ERC/REC/(01)02
Additional information Conditions for the duplex band: 1) the use in accordance with RR footnotes 5.547 and 5.547A, 2) channel spacing: 56 MHz, 28 MHz, 14 MHz, 3) in the band 31.8–33.4 GHz may occur interference between stations of the fixed service and airborne stations of the radionavigation service. The Office takes note (according to RR 5.547A) to the operational needs of the radionavigation service and pursuant to particular situation the Office may set down further operational conditions to decrease risk of mutual interference.
Future On the basis of harmonisation documents, sharing studies and operational experiences with utilisation of the bands by applications in the fixed service the Office may precise technical conditions of spectrum utilisation particularly in the band 31.8–33.4 GHz.
Service Radionavigation
Category of assignment Primary
Non-civil utilisation Equal rights
Civil utilisation Equal rights
Application Aeronautical navigation
Section 31.8 – 33.4 GHz
Additional information Equal sharing with non-civil utilisation. To the service is allocated the band 31.8–33.4 GHz in which interference between stations in the fixed service and airborne stations of the radionavigation service may occur. According to RR footnote 5.547A, the Office will take into account the needs of the radionavigation service.
Future The changes are not expected in the utilisation of the band by this radiocommunication service on international or national level.
Application Defence systems
Additional information Non-civil use on an equal basis.