Detail of Frequency Band

Band 1,790 – 1,900 MHz

Notes to whole band 5.388
Part of RSUP RSUP-P/12
Service Fixed
Category of assignment Primary
Non-civil utilisation Not used
Civil utilisation Primary
Application Point-to-Multipoint
Section 1,880 – 1,900 MHz
Additional information DECT P-P and P-MP links. ECA considers possible change of the category of the service to secondary.
Future Future harmonization of utilization in Europe will be decisive for future use of the fixed service band. ERC Report (rev.2014) assumes change of the allocation of the service in the bands 1800-1805 MHz and 1880-1900 MHz to a secondary service.
Service Mobile
Category of assignment Primary
Non-civil utilisation Secondary
Civil utilisation Primary
Notes 5.384A, 5.388A
Application DECT
Section 1,880 – 1,900 MHz
Harmonisations 91/287/EEC, CEPT/ERC/DEC/(94)03
Authorisation VO-R/8
Additional information TDD, except for P-P and P-MP links.
Application Digital cellular
Section 1,805 – 1,880 MHz
Harmonisations CEPT/ERC/DEC/(95)03, 2008/294/EC, 2011/251/EU, 2013/654/EU
Additional information Nationwide mobile networks. Paired band to the 1805-1880 MHz band. GSM in accordance with CEPT/ERC/DEC/(95)03, IMT according to 2011/251/EU and 5.384A. MCA in accordance with 2008/294/EU and 2013/654/EU. Operation of terminals incl. MCA: General authorization VO-R/1.
Future Implementing harmonisation document, conditions for introduction of higher generations of networks than is the GSM are created in the sub-bands 1710–1785/1805–1880 MHz.
Application GPR/WPR
Section 1,600 – 3,400 MHz
Harmonisations CEPT/ERC/REC 70-03, CEPT/ECC/DEC/(06)08
Authorisation VO-R/10 Art. 6
Additional information Max. spectral density e.i.r.p. -51,3 dBm/MHz; max. peak radiated power -30 dBm/MHz e.i.r.p.
Application Wireless audio/multimedia
Section 1,785 – 1,805 MHz
Harmonisations CEPT/ERC/REC 70-03, 2014/641/EU
Authorisation VO-R/10 Art. 10
Additional information In the sub-band 1785.2-1804.8 MHz e.i.r.p. max 13 dBm/channel.