Detail of Frequency Band

Band 1,215 – 1,240 MHz

Notes to whole band 5.332
Part of RSUP RSUP-P/20
Service Radionavigation-satellite
Category of assignment Primary
Non-civil utilisation Equal rights
Civil utilisation Equal rights
Notes 5.328B, 5.329, 5.329A
Application Satellite navigation systems
Section 1,227.6 MHz
Future Applications with growing importance, the satellite navigation systems, for the time being represented by systems GPS and GLONASS, will be acceded by European system GALILEO which should be, in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council, launched till 2013. In 2004 came into operation correcting system EGNOS, which is the first component of European system for position determination GALILEO and EGNOS will, until launch of GALILEO system, transmit the correction data in order to precise data of American system GPS and Russian system GLONASS in territory of Europe.
Application Satellite navigation systems
Additional information The band 1215–1300 MHz may, in accordance with RR footnote 5.329, be used by the radionavigation-satellite service for satellite navigation, on condition that a harmful interference shall not be caused to the radionavigation service authorised according to RR footnote 5.331 and no protection from this service will be claimed. 5.328B applies. The use of systems in the radionavigation-satellite service (space-to-space) in the bands 1215–1300 MHz and 1559–1610 MHz is not designated, in accordance with RR footnote 5.329A, for applications of safety nature and shall not impose any additional constraints on other systems or services